PLP-38PK-MOB (02) Masts Protect the F-35 Fleet Flight Line Worldwide  Lightning Protection PLP-38PK-MOB (02) Masts Protect the F-35 Fleet Flight Line Worldwide. 


LBA Technology, an LBA Group Company, proudly serves as the only authorized manufacturer of the mobile Lightning Protection System for the F-35 aircraft. With over 60 years of history as a minority owned and operated small business, LBA Group has built a reputation for excellence and innovation in the field of RF safety and technology, including lightning protection.

Our PLP-38PK Portable Lightning Mast Protection systems proudly hold a spectrum of patents, demonstrating our unparalleled expertise in lightning protection. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of flightlines and deployment zones, the PLP-38PK-MOB (02) provides robust and reliable lightning strike deterrence and termination capabilities. As the exclusive manufacturer and distributor, LBA Technology ensures that every PLP-38-MOB (02) unit adheres to the highest standards of quality and performance. The portable lightning mast provides highly conductive, easily deployed protection to deter and terminate lightning strokes, ensuring the safety of the aircraft and its assets.  


  • Captive no-tool fasteners and installation hardware
  • Wind load equivalent up to 120 mph when deployed appropriately
  • 2 rugged, hard cover, man carry transportation cases
  • Lightweight and rugged 38' modular mast
  • Mobility-enabled base assembly for easy deployment
  • UL-listed air terminal for lightning strike termination
  • Ballast brick system for non-penetrating application
  • Weather-resistant alodine coating for enhanced durability

StrikeMaster_PLP-38PK-MOB (02) - 1.5x3


The PLP-38PK-MOB (02) is a stand-alone, fully integrated lightning protection system. It features a lightweight and rugged 38' modular mast made of aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and reliability. The system's mobility-enabled base assembly allows for quick deployment and easy assembly in operational areas. With captive no-tool hardware, the PLP-38PK-MOB (02) ensures fast and secure installation, minimizing the risk of foreign object damage (FOB).

The PLP-38PK-MOB (02) system, offered by LBA Technology, is just one of the many advanced solutions available within the Strike Master® PLP product line. LBA Group, a renowned leader in asset lightning protection technology, offers various Strike Master® PLP systems designed for different platforms and installations. These systems include models with different mast heights, materials, and configurations, allowing for customization based on specific needs. Whether it's a worksite, sensitive military equipment, or critical infrastructure safeguarding, LBA Technology has a portable lightning mast solution to provide optimal lightning protection.

LBA Technology's Strike Master® PLP systems offer a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of sectors including commercial, defense, and various other industries. Designed with adaptability in mind, these systems provide exceptional performance and ensure reliable lightning protection wherever it is needed.

 Lightning Protection for F-35

 PLP-38PK-MOB (02) Masts Protect the F-35 Fleet Flight Line Worldwide.

The Strike Master® PLP system is a highly conductive structure designed to deter and terminate lightning strokes, protecting assets within its conical zone of protection. It incorporates streamer discharge dissipation technology to reduce the probability of lightning strikes.

LBA Technology's PLP-38PK-MOB (02) Lightning Protection system is an advanced solution customized for the F-35 aircraft, providing effective protection against lightning strikes. It features a conductive structure that efficiently deters and terminates lightning strokes within its designated conical zone. The integration of advanced streamer discharge dissipation technology and the renowned Franklin's rod in the PLP-38PK-MOB (02) significantly enhances security and safeguarding for critical assets by offering a remarkable reduction in the likelihood of lightning strikes.

The installation process for the PLP-38PK-MOB (02) is quick and straightforward, with a typical deployment time of under one hour. Thanks to its modular design, the unit can be rapidly assembled and relocated to desired operational areas. Additionally, the lightning mast comes with specialized storage cases, ensuring convenient and secure mobile storage when not in use.

Typically, the Strike Master® PLP portable lightning protection systems utilize Ballast Blocks™, providing a non-penetrating anchoring solution. These site-fillable blocks offer a secure and stable foundation for the system, eliminating the need for drilling or other invasive installation methods.


LBA Technology's Strike Master® PLP Lightning Protection systems are highly customizable, versatile, and maintenance friendly.

The maintenance requirements for the PLP-38PK-MOB (02) and other Strike Master® PLP Lightning Mast are minimal, with routine inspections and tightening of hardware, if needed. This maintenance-friendly design streamlines upkeep efforts, reducing downtime and ensuring efficient operation.

LBA StrikeMaster PLP-38PK-MOB (02) Lightning Protection PLP-38PK-MOB (02) Deployment on an F-35 flight line.


Each PLP-38PK-MOB (02) system includes two custom rugged, hard cover storage cases for secure and reliable storage and transportation.

These custom storage cases are designed to withstand impact, vibration, and extreme temperatures, providing an added layer of defense against external elements. The interior features custom foam inserts that securely holds and organizes the modular Strike Master® PLP parts and Ballast Blocks™. The ergonomic handles and lightweight materials used for the cases, make them easy to carry and transport.

Both, storage cases and carry bags options, are available for other Strike Master® PLP portable systems.

Storage and Transportation Cases for PLP-38PK-MOB (02) Lightning Protection                                                                                                  Storage and Transportation Cases for PLP-38PK-MOB (02).


Throughout our history, LBA Group has been at the forefront of RF technology and lightning protection solutions. Our commitment to innovation, combined with our family-owned and operated approach, has allowed us to build lasting relationships with our customers and deliver exceptional products and services.

When it comes to protecting assets from lightning-related risks, LBA Technology and the LBA Group are the trusted partners you can rely on. With our expertise in lightning protection solutions and cutting-edge technologies, LBA Technology is well-equipped to safeguard mobile satellites communication equipment, mobile weapon systems, and other valuable portable and stationary assets. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures the highest level of protection, meeting the evolving needs of industries such as aviation, defense, and beyond. Count on us for top-tier lightning protection, tailored to your specific requirements.

The PLP-38PK-MOB (02) Lightning Protection system, along with the comprehensive Strike Master® PLP product line, demonstrates LBA Group's dedication to providing reliable, fully integrated solutions for lightning protection. By leveraging their expertise and experience, LBA Technology offers peace of mind to customers, ensuring the safeguarding of critical assets and infrastructure against the destructive forces of lightning strikes.

For more information about our Strike Master® PLP Lightning Mast Protection and other innovative solutions, please visit our website at or contact us at or 800.522.4464.

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