Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc.™ offers Infrastructure Support Services for the Wireless Communications Industry, worldwide. We deliver innovative solutions for intermodulation studies/interference analysis solutionsregulatory compliance zoning, RF/NEPA compliance analysis and mitigation, AM detuning/AM pattern protectioncolocation of wireless antennas of wireless antennas on AM broadcast towers, building RF shieldingRF network technical supportmicrowave backhaulin building wireless and distributed antenna system services, and rf safety training.

From the Tower Top Down…
LBA Protects Your Investment.

• Intermodulation Studies
• RF Safety Assessment & Compliance for FCC and NEPA 
• AM Detuning & Protection Services  
• Wireless Antenna Colocation on AM Broadcast Towers 
• Electromagnetic Radio Frequency (RF) Shielding
• Consulting Services for AM, FM & TV Broadcast
• RF Network Technical Services for Cellular, PCS & ESMR Systems
• Microwave & Backhaul Services
• ZoneTek™ – Zoning technical support 
• In Building Wireless, Small Cell & DAS Solutions


Since 1963, Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc.™, has provided objective consulting services to the telecommunications and wireless industry. We offer specialized expertise in the areas of cellular, PCS, SMR, broadcasting, wireless cable, and integrated broadband systems.

Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc.™, will address your unique needs individually with the highest degree of professional performance. Our professional staff includes specialists in RF, antenna design, AM detuning, facility shielding, zoning and litigation support, EMI resolution, radio frequency environment studies, project management, site acquisition and FCC regulations.

Our services are broad-based and interdisciplinary. Thus, an LBA team can support your technical requirements, whether corporate strategic planning or local interference resolution. With experience and affiliations worldwide, you can rely on LBA for both domestic and international services.

Our client base is diverse and notable. It is our policy to treat all client matters with the strictest degree of respect and confidentiality. Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc.™ is committed to providing the highest quality products and services possible.


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Notice: None of the LBA Group companies perform professional engineering services in the State of North Carolina. Any professional engineering services provided in conjunction with LBA Group services in the State of North Carolina are performed by individuals or firms duly licensed to practice professional engineering.



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About LBA

LBA Group companies serve technical infrastructure needs related to the broadcast, wireless, electromagnetic compatibility and safety sectors worldwide. We provide consulting, training and other telecommunications industry services. We also produce and market hardware for radio transmission, RF shielding, safety and testing.