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The FCC requires that all wireless and RF generating sites be fully compliant with its RF/NEPA rules! Environmental rules for evaluating the potential for human exposure to RF are complex. Assessing the cumulative RF levels at multiple emitter collocation sites creates an even greater challenge. Then, there is OSHA!

LBA's Electromagnetic Environment (EME), Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE), and Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation (NIER) studies will demonstrate and document your compliance with OSHA/FCC standards.


Key points to know about RF compliance:

• PCS, cellular, SMR, paging, Part 15, WiFi, in-building - are all included!
• If you are5%of a site problem, you have clean-up responsibility!
• FCC RF environmental documentation is required for each new andestablishedsite
• Exposure zones on towers must be addressed
• Local governments can request rf compliance showings
• Corrective measures must be taken immediately at problem sites

LBA provides its RFGreen™ services for complete RF Compliance. We evaluate and document rf emissions at any site and provide complete exposure mitigation recommendations. Our RF Safety Training and plan development services make LBA your single source for RFGreen™ NEPA, FCC and OSHA RF compliance.


Other RF Resources:

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FCC Bulletin OET65  Evaluating Compliance with FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Field
A Local Government Official's Guide to Transmitting Antenna RF Emission Safety: Rules, Procedures, and Practical Guidance


NEPA, FCC and OSHA  RFGreen™ RF Compliance Services:

RF/EMI shielding 
RF awareness training
• EME site audits, evaluations and reports
• Site specific safety guidelines
• Software modeling and analysis
• Field survey and RF measurement
• Safety policy evaluation and development
• Complete exposure mitigation


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